Professional Design & Installation

Professional Design & Installation Services/ DAS & Public safety Installation Services

We provide complete end-to-end professional installation services. We have our own in-house installation experts and provide nationwide installation service. Expertise is critical when designing and installing a signal booster system. That’s why we created our own In-house team. You will benefit from a signal point of contact throughout the entire process, and will receive the care and attention you deserve. Our team of signal engineers will work with you to gather information and design an effective solution for your space.

How it Works

  1. Fill out the professional design request form to the best of your ability, and include a floor plan or blueprint, and a signal expert will be in touch within 1-2 business days to discuss your situation and gather any additional information they may need.
  2. For smaller projects that do not require professional installation, the team at will design a system for you and provide you with a quote for the equipment, as well as a marked up blueprint and instructions on how the system should be installed.
  3. If the size of the area that requires coverage is very large, or if the complexity of the environment is high, then the signal expert may recommend the Site Survey Service to gather the necessary data before designing the system.

The professional design service at is free of charge and can be completed within a few days, depending on the complexity of the project. If you would like to get started, please fill out the form.

Additional Services We Offer

Site Survey: Our team of professionals complete a thorough site walk and evaluation of existing coverage, building materials, and possible server antenna locations. For large or complex installations, a site survey is highly recommended. We’ll send a signal expert to your location to analyze the construction of the area that needs improved coverage and the external signal environment. That data will then be incorporated into the overall system design to ensure maximum effectiveness. The systems integrator measures signal strength in all areas inside the building, locating weak signal spots and potential problems. The site survey consists of data-driven signal testing with building material and environmental considerations

System Installation: The Passive DAS systems that our experts design use extremely high grade cable and components, which require special expertise to run and terminate. Our installation team will perform the on-site system installation and amplifier tuning, to ensure the best coverage and performance from your Passive DAS system. Based on the engineer’s floor plan analysis and custom system design, system components and strategically located to maximize coverage while delivering improved speeds and performance meeting customer expectations and code requirements. Optimization includes headend uplink and downlink configuration, donor antenna fire-tuning per carrier, indoor antenna adjustments, and optimized cable runs.

System Monitoring & Support: External signal environments can fluctuate due to a multitude of factors. We provide system monitoring to remotely identify and remediate any interruptions presented by a changing outside signal. In addition, we offer multiple levels of ongoing support, so you can be assured that you’ll have uninterrupted cellular service. provides 1 year warranty on all workmanship and 3 years on equipment, comprehensive technical support with remove/on-site monitoring and adjustments (remove and onsite work may require additional fee). Guaranteed better signal.

Request a Professional System Design

    Only include floors that need a boosted signal.

    Example: Floor 1: 10,000 sq ft. Floor 2: 5,000 sq ft.

    How strong is the cell signal when you step outside of the building? List in Bars (3 out of 5 bars) or in Decibels (-82 dB).


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